24hrs in the mile high club…

Day 15 in the clouds is quickly coming to an end, so I thought it about time to write a little update on what has been going on in this little hut up a mountain. For the past week Mark (Coach) and some of the very talented and hilarious IntelliTri girls have been training here in Grimentz with me – you can’t beat a good group environment and being able to share some special moments together, including very painful ones!

One thing is clear that with six athletes in the house boy are those washing piles building up and wow do we get through a lot of food. Especially eggs, avocados and chocolate supplies which seem to be replaced and then emptied daily, maybe even hourly?! But I am not sure that without them the running total of climbing metres on the bike would be possible…

So I thought a little taste of what we get up too on an average day in thin air would be good:

7.30 – I roll out of bed and the daily test to see if I have any legs left… if I do its back and hip mobility for 10 minutes.

7.45 – If it is run day (a lucky three days a week atm) its trainers on and out the door to puff and pant my way through this anti-oxygen plod. SWIM

8.15 – Somehow I survive and am on the floor rolling and stretching, by this point I am already hungry so the thought of breakfast usually takes over after about 10 minutes… who can’t resist either porridge with berries, swiss chocolate and yogurt or eggs on toast… I certainly can’t.

9.30 – Once us girls have done our faffing (well I say us girls its usually just me… “arrr sorry forgot my pull bouy!”) and downed the emergency coffee its time to jump in the car for the pool.

10.10 – Dive in, can I feel my arms…

11.20 – “Right 200 choice cool down” – the words that mean we have made it #winning

12.30 – Fall on the fridge – lunchtime. Today tuna pasta and a large salad.

14.30 – On to the bikes. These rides range from 1-4 hours with inevitable climbing – so even an easy day is a bit of a con!Kim

Post ride crawl into the apartment and once again open the cupboard – personal post ride favourite greek yogurt with some honey and blueberries or if its been a long one and even mixing that together is too much a trusty SiS Rego shake!

19.00 – Dinner on the table, thanks to whoever has stood up to the mark and put the piny on. Tonight was vegetable risotto with a large salad thanks to Kirsty. Followed by the very important chocolate raid, got to get those anti-oxidants in.

By the time we have finished our dinner chats, laughs and done the washing up its usually time to put a panic clothes wash on or two, have a stretch and roll before having a hot drink before bed – personal favourite soya milk with honey and cinnamon. Then its lights out and the start of everything again by 7.30.

So on that note nightie night from the Alps and here is to another week.

Lots of Love,

Elo xxx

P.S. If you are at all still interested in the cycling I have been doing over the last few weeks and will be doing then check out my strava – international rules only! But please don’t bore yourself…!



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