Taking away the “Nightmare before Christmas”

So with only two more doors to open on our advent calendars I thought it about time for a little pre-Christmas blog.

I personally love Christmas, I not only see it as a great time to spend with loved ones but also time to give thanks for the past year. But this wasn’t always the case. For the four years I suffered and was recovering from anorexia I feared Christmas so much that the year I was in hospital I opted to not spend the day at home as I was too scared to face the infamous Christmas dinner. But honestly, how sad is this – a time suppose to be filled with cheer, love and yes family annoyance and probably too much food, was just avoided due to fear. This is why there is one thing that annoys be more than my parents nagging me to “prep” the brussel sprouts or being on turkey basting duty. It is seeing in the lead up to Christmas on twitter, facebook, in the paper etc. articles on how to “cope”, “survive” and “manage” at Christmas and how not to “ruin” your sporting goals.

Ok, yes Christmas day often brings with it delicious treats, food and drink that can lead to what the Scientists, fitness fanatics and health preachers would say is “excessive”. But come on people, this is once a year and how is over consuming on one day of 365 really going to “destroy” your sporting and fitness goals. It is not – if anything it will give a relaxing break for your mind and body to just be present (excuse the pun). How is it healthy or even fun to be filling your day with worry whether there is going to be something “you can’t eat” or calculating every calories in Granny’s bread-sauce or even denying yourself something you love? It is not – it is actually grim, I’ve been there, done that and certainly not worth the T-shirt!

Right at this point you may be thinking, this girl is just having a good old festive rant but what about my Ironman in 2016 and/or that goal of setting a new PB…?! Β One thing that I have learnt as I have matured as an athlete and person is nothing is about the here and now – it is about grabbing a little perspective and looking at the bigger picture. Yes, I am very goal orientated and wow its 103 days till my first race but that one day just being a little bit human, not caring and just enjoying being with relatives will do much more than sticking to that rigid diet, philosophy and mindset. If anything allowing your mind and body a bit of freedom will mean, come 2016 and its getting all a bit real you will be so much more focused and not fighting the system.

This why I will not be “surviving” or even trying to “cope” with Christmas, nor will I be out on a 100 miler to justify those three mince pies I ate on Christmas Eve. What I will be doing is having a bit of everything I love about Christmas, whether it is the mince pies (yup loves delicious 250 kcal treats), a glass or two of Champagne (what Athlete and alcohol?!) or just being with my family chilling on the sofa (and yes legs up).

Luckily enough for you my rant is over, but I hope this helps put the day itself into perspective and help remember to just live a little it is only once a year.

Happy Christmas one and all, I hope you gave a good one without any fear.

Lots of love,

Elo xxx



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